15 Things That Everybody Should Do On The John

Consider this: the average person spends more than an hour and a half in the bathroom, each week. And, when you spend that much time sitting on the john, you’re bound to find ways to entertain yourself while your body does what it needs to do! Here at List25, we want to help you make the most of that idle time! So, before you let the next ‘load’ drop, check out these 15 things you should do on the John!

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Finish your morning routine


There are usually two things everybody needs to do in the morning; get prepared for the rest of your day, and take care of some “business” that built up overnight.

You can cut your morning prep down substantially, however, with just a little multitasking here and there. Why not use some of that time you’re sitting on the toilet to try out a new face mask or finish brushing your teeth. Just make sure to be careful where you put your hands.


Catch up on social media


A lot of times all the buzzing and notifications from carrying our connection to the outside world in our pockets can get a little overbearing, so don’t feel bad when you’ve finally got to break down and check up on what everyone else has been up to lately.

The best time for many people to do this is in the bathroom, where there’s no pesky bosses or people to tell you to get back on track.


Play out imaginary conversations in your head


Everybody has those embarrassing conversations that don’t go at all how they hoped and, although you can’t go back and change time, sometimes it does help to sit back in a nice, private bathroom and replay the whole talk in your head, only this time you’re prepared and in control.


Go down the Reddit rabbit hole


As many people who’ve used it before know, Reddit is the place to find pretty much anything you need online, no matter how crazy. The one problem is that once you start looking you might never stop scrolling.

Normally you might be too busy to allow yourself this kind of distraction, but when you’re stuck in the bathroom anyway there isn’t anything keeping you from browsing to your heart’s content.


Give yourself a pep talk


Sometimes things are hard and you feel like the world is out to get you, and it’s times like these that you need something to pick you up and make you feel a little better.

Don’t ever feel ashamed about taking some time to give yourself a quick pep talk while you’re using the lavatory. You’re awesome, and you can do anything you want!

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