15 Things That Everybody Should Do On The John

Consider this: the average person spends more than an hour and a half in the bathroom, each week. And, when you spend that much time sitting on the john, you’re bound to find ways to entertain yourself while your body does what it needs to do! Here at List25, we want to help you make the most of that idle time! So, before you let the next ‘load’ drop, check out these 15 things you should do on the John!

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Sing and dance to music

Girl Dance Nightclub Silhouette Disco Party

We get it; you’re all alone, got your hands free, and you’ve got the perfect mirror for choreographing your own dance moves right in front of you. Enough Said.


Ponder the meaning of life


One of the best things to do while sitting on the toilet, waiting for that dreaded, stomaching churning, last load to drop, is to ponder the universe.

Ponder those questions the universe as cursed on us. Ones we’ll never have answers to. Questions like, “why do people read about what other people can do in the John…”

Very important stuff.


Practice your selfies


Perhaps one of the most overlooked activities to do while sitting on the John it perfecting your selfie. You’ve got nowhere to go, a limited amount of space, and some time on your hands so why not practice your selfies?

Remember, if the photo image looks bad, no one will see it because you’re in the John!


Play mobile games


Mobile games are made for anybody who gets bored on easily, which makes them perfect for when you’re stuck in a bathroom finishing your business.

Just make sure you don’t get too caught up in your game, or you might look up only to find you’ve been sitting for way too long and your legs are sleep!


Finish putting on makeup


For women, we have a great idea. That last bit of makeup you need to apply, do that while sitting on the john!

We swear you will save the time patting down your checks and adding that last shimmering gloss to your lips when you do it sitting on the John and waiting for that load to drop before the party starts! Of course, make sure to wash those hands before you get going!

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