20 Facts About Ida Lewis: History’s Most Heroic Lighthouse Keeper

Introducing an inspirational list: 20 Facts About Ida Lewis: History’s Most Heroic Lighthouse Keeper. Are you into stories about heroism? You may be thinking about knights and dragons, and some muscular guy saving the princess.

While these stories are definitely exciting, we are actually talking about a real-life hero. Ida Lewis was a lighthouse keeper who was responsible for saving the lives of many people.

Lewis was admired for her strength and her selflessness. She was featured in many magazines, and also managed to meet the president.

The brave lighthouse keeper was a role model for many women, as well as men. Even today she is still remembered for her feats.

So, without further ado, here are 20 Facts About Ida Lewis: History’s Most Heroic Lighthouse Keeper!

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She inherited the lighthouse duty from her father


Ida Lewis was put in charge of the lighthouse after her father, Captain Hosea Lewis suffered a stroke and could no longer perform his duties.


She was a caregiver and a lighthouse keeper


Not only did Ida Lewis along with her mother tend to their lighthouse work. They also helped nurse her sick father.


She made her first rescue at 12


Ida Lewis performed her very first rescue at only 12. She saved the lives of four boys when their boat capsized.


She saved the lives of animals


When Ida Lewis saved the lives of two sheep owners, she also saved the life of the sheep they had with them.


Her brave rescues went unnoticed


Ida Lewis performed some impressive feats while being a lighthouse keeper. Yet her bravery went unnoticed until 1869.

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