20 Homeless Experience Stories That’ll Move You

Introducing a thought-provoking list: 20 homeless experience stories that’ll move you. There are approximately 554,000 thousand homeless people living in the United States, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

With a rocky economy and rising rent costs across the nation, the possibility of becoming homeless is becoming easier and easier. The struggle for survival while living on the streets takes a toll on a person’s mental and physical health.

For some people, hope is the only thing they can hold onto. For many people in this article, it took dedication and a helping hand from others to get them back on their feet.

Get your tissues ready as we present to you, 20 Homeless Experience Stories That’ll Move you.

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Homeless Is Not By Choice


Jessica, a young woman with two children, became homeless after her husband got sent to prison. She was forced to become the sole provider of her household.

After bouncing from motels to the streets Jessica found salvation at Bridges Safehouse. With help from her new community, she was able to begin taking college classes to become a Nurse.


Breakfast at Sally's


Richard LeMieux, author of Breakfast at Sally’s, writes about his life as a homeless man. LeMieux life fell to shambles when he lost his company, family, and home.

However, it was during his lowest hour that he finds a rich inner life and hope. His journey is an inspiration for readers and it helps breakdown the stereotype of homelessness.


Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry had a difficult childhood. He was sexually abused as a child which led him to become an angry troubled teenager. Perry escaped his reality through his writing.

After moving to Atlanta he tried to produce a play he had written but it failed six times. With no money, he was forced to live in his car. Finally, in 1998, the play became a hit and his entertainment career took off from there.


The streets to Wall Street


It was during Chris Gardner’s midlife when things came crashing down. Gardner’s wife left him and his son when their financial situation became too unbearable for her.

Soon after, he was evicted from their apartment and were forced to sleep in subway stations when they had nowhere else to go. Chris Gardner fought for success. He took a nonpaid internship with a prestigious brokerage firm which led him to become a multi-millionaire stockbroker on Wall Street.


James Bond

daniel craighttps://www.businessinsider.com/formerly-homeless-people-who-became-famous-2012-6#after-being-fired-jewel-was-homeless-for-about-a-month-and-almost-died-in-a-parking-lot-5

Daniel Craig, most famously known for his role as James Bond in Skyfall, has experienced being homeless. During his early acting career, Craig would work in various restaurants to get by.

He admits to having to sleep on park benches in London when times got really rough. Through it all, Craig made it to the top. He now has a net worth of 95 million dollars.

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