20 Three-Parent Baby Mind-blowing Facts You Need to Know

Our latest list: 20 Three-Parent Baby Mind-blowing Facts You Need to Know. What would you think if we told you that two women and one man agree to give birth to a baby? Don’t get too excited guys. It may sound too good to be true to some of you, but it’s not as fun as you may think.

A three-parent baby refers to the human offspring that will be produced from the genetic material of one man and two women. Through an assisted reproductive technology, that is. The reproductive technologies used by scientists to produce three-parent babies, help women to overcome infertility.

The good news is that the first 3-parent-baby born in a clinical trial to treat infertility is already a reality. Intrigued? We are so without further ado, here follow 25 Three-Parent Baby Mindblowing Facts You Need to Know.


Greece hosted the clinical trial


Ancient Greece was really famous for its incredible technology and sophisticated science. It’s the place where Western medicine was born after all. Greece grabbed the headlines again recently for its contemporary medical advances. 


Spain contributed in the medical achievement


The Greek doctors shouldn’t take all the glory though. Fertility doctors from the Spainish clinic “Embryotools,” helped their colleagues in Greece to accomplish this small medical “miracle.” 


Is it a boy or a girl?


The first 3-parent baby in the world is a healthy boy. Think about it: this boy is the first human in history carrying DNA from three different people. Amazing and crazy at the same time! 


Baby's weight is perfectly normal


The baby boy was born weighing 6lbs (2.9kg). Both the baby and the mother are in very good health according to their doctors. 

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