25 Adorable Spiders That Are Not As Scary As You Think

Few people say they like spiders. These little creatures are usually characterized by terms like “disgusting”, “detestable” or “revolting” but in fact, the bad reputation is entirely undeserved. Most spiders are not dangerous to humans at all. Indeed, many are beneficial because they eat other pests in our homes and gardens. If we still have not succeeded in convincing you to stop hating these little guys, these 25 adorable spiders will show you that even spiders can be cute, or at least, interesting.

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Elegant golden jumping spider

peckhamia.com Pen Araneae B03 H K Tang Chrysilla Lauta Elegant Jumping Spider Lor. Halus Singapore CC A NC ND 2 034peckhamia.com

Found in Southeast Asia, this jumping spider species is noted for its long abdomen, long first pair of legs and unique coloration. Males usually reach just about 0.3 inch in length, females are slightly larger.


Bird dung crab spider

www.clubsnap.com 447734537_5JC2M-Lwww.clubsnap.com

This spider is notable for its unique way of camouflage. Its body is covered with blobs and warts that give it the look of a piece of fresh bird excrement. The spider reinforces the simulation of bird-droppings by drawing its legs close to the body and lying motionless on a leaf for long hours.


Spiny orb weaver

skeptoid.com Gasteracantha_cancriformis_2skeptoid.com

This spider got his name due to the prominent spines on its abdomen. Reaching over 1 inch in diameter (measured from spike to spike), these spiders are generally harmless to humans.


Smiling spider

videoimagesartcles.blogspot.com happy_smiling_spider_01videoimagesartcles.blogspot.com

The 0.20 inch long spider has a pattern uncannily resembling a smiley face on their yellow body. Smiling spider is endemic to Oahu, Molokai, Maui and the island of Hawaii where it lives in rainforests at elevations of 1000 – 6,500 feet.


Diving bell spider

www.bbc.co.uk _53114911_5argyronetaaquaticaeatingwaterfleainbubble2011-014110www.bbc.co.uk

Commonly known as water spider, this spider species is the only one known to spend his entire life under water. As with other spiders, it breathes air, which it traps in a bubble held by hairs on its abdomen and legs. Males are around 30% larger than females, which is unusual for spiders.

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