25 Amazing Facts About Calvin and Hobbes

Do you love facts about Calvin and Hobbes? If you’re anything like me, you’re a Calvin and Hobbes fanatic. You probably remember Spaceman Spiff and Calvin’s Invention “The Transmogriphier,” not to mention all of the crazy adventures that Calvin went on with his trusty tiger, Hobbes. We also can’t forget Calvin’s loving but fairly impatient parents or his secret crush Susie Derkins. Bill Watterson’s writing and drawings are fascinating and hilarious. I could easily read and re-read his comics over and over again and never get tired of them. Calvin’s active imagination and deep philosophical view points reached out to the kid and adult in all of us. So, prepare to be up to no good, here are 25 Amazing Facts About Calvin and Hobbes.


The main characters were named after a philosopher and a theologian


Young, hyper-active Calvin was named after theologian John Calvin, while his tiger companion, Hobbes, was named after philosopher Thomas Hobbes.


Creator Bill Watterson refused to have a movie made


According to an interview, Watterson claimed a movie of “Calvin and Hobbes” would change the way he intended the comic to be viewed.


Calvin is not based on Watterson as a child


He described himself as a well behaved child unlike his creation, mischievous Calvin.


Watterson stopped creating the comic in '95


He wanted to do different things other than write comics, like painting, studying music, and other hobbies. Mainly, he stopped because he didn’t want the comic to be repetitive.


Hobbes was modeled after Watterson's Cat


Although named after Thomas Hobbes, the character’s mannerisms are based on Bill Watterson’s cat, Sprite.

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