25 Amazing Facts About Joan Crawford

Introducing 25 Amazing Facts About Joan Crawford: And yes, they are amazing.

Joan Crawford was an American actress and dancer. Her career first started as a dancer, and she soon became a chorus girl for Broadway! In 1925, she signed a motion picture contract, and her career as an actress would span decades.

In this list, you will learn many of the amazing facts about her life! From changing her name to having a sleepover with a fan, here are 25 Amazing Facts about Joan Crawford!

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She Filled in For her Daughter


In 1968 Crawford stepped into her daughter’s role on the television show “The Secret Storm”. Her daughter Christina was recovering from surgery at the time. Crawford refused to accept any payment.

During her time on the show, ratings soared. She sated she accepted the part because she didn’t want them to give the part to someone else. 


Marilyn Monroe Was One of Her Lovers


The iconic Marilyn Monroe is believed to have hooked up with Crawford sometime in her early career. Evidence has emerged from audiotapes recorded during Monroe’s psychiatrist sessions. “I told her straight out I didn’t much enjoy doing it with a woman,” said Monroe. 


She Almost Lost a Limp


Crawford’s dreams of stardom were almost crippled along with her foot. It was during her childhood when her foot needed to be operated on due to an accident. Doctors said she wouldn’t be able to dance again. 

Luckily with hard work and determination, she was able to prove them wrong. Crawford became known for her dancing abilities in her early teen years. 


She Always Dressed to Impress


Crawford never went anywhere without her full face of makeup and beautiful wardrobe to match. She wanted people to see her as the glamorous movie star she was at all times. 

“I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star,” said Crawford. 


She Kept Her Cancer a Secret


Crawford was known to be a prideful women. She decided to keep her stomach cancer a secret from most people in her life. She wished to pass with dignity and without sympathy from the people around her.

“I would like to be like an old wolf, or an old gorilla. I have heard that when they know they have reached their last days, they go away to be alone and just disappear. As far as I’m concerned, they have the right idea,” said Crawford. 

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