25 Amazing Facts About Notre Dame Cathedral

Today we present a honorary list of 25 Amazing Facts About Notre Dame Cathedral. The bells all over France toll in solidarity with Notre Dame. One of the world’s most iconic monuments is not the same anymore.

The flames of the catastrophic fire, demolished several parts of the beautiful cathedral. But the good news is that many of its most important treasures were saved. The imposing bell towers and its gorgeous rose windows remain intact.

Local authorities in France plan to investigate and find the causes behind this tragedy. They also announced that they are going to rebuild the cathedral and repair everything the flames destroyed. They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and this could be true for Notre Dame.

So, regardless of your position on organized religion, here follow
25 Amazing Facts About Notre Dame Cathedral that will totally fascinate you.

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Etymology of the Cathedral's name


Notre Dame translates to “Our Lady” and refers to the Virgin Mary. Several churches and chapels in France, refer to the Virgin Mary as Our Lady. Notre Dame of Paris is just the most famous of them. 


French architecture at its best


Experts from around the world, consider Notre Dame one of the best examples of French Gothic architecture. The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture in Indiana, US, took its name from the iconic French Cathedral. 

It was the first Catholic University in America to provide a degree in architecture, back in 1898. 


Centuries of work


Workers started to build the cathedral in 1160 under Bishop Maurice de Sully. They completed most of it a century later in 1260. The French kept modifying it until 1345 that the cathedral took its final look. 


Damaged severely during the French Revolution


The French rebels hated the religious authorities of 18th Century France more than anything. As a result of this sociopolitical phenomenon, Notre Dame suffered severe desecration during the French Revolution.

Many religious images were either damaged, or completely destroyed.


Napoleon restored its former glory


Napoleon was a big fan of Notre Dame though. So big, that he used the cathedral for his coronation as Emperor of France in 1804. 

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