25 Amazing Near Death Experiences You’ll Want To Believe Are True

We’ve all wondered what death feels like. Do you just fall asleep? Do you leave your body before your heart stops? While most people don’t come back to the land of the living, there are a select few that have skirted the edges, and these are their stories. So get ready for 25 Amazing Near Death Experiences You’ll Want To Believe Are True!


Mellen-Thomas Benedict

cancerSource: anac.org.uk

A successful Hollywood cameraman, in 1982 he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. It led him to have a near death experience in which he claims to have observed all of history in an instant. After returning back to his body, doctors were astounded to find that the cancer was gone. Benedict has since devoted his life to various political and social causes.


Colton Burpo

emergencySource: cnn.com

When Colton was 4 years old, his appendix burst and he needed emergency surgery. Afterwards, he told his parents he had been to heaven where he saw God, John the Baptist, and numerous family members that he had never met. His dad wrote a book called “Heaven Is For Real” in which he recounts Colton’s experience.


Berkley Carter Mills

universeSource: near-death.com

Berkley had drawn a lot of attention for becoming the youngest father in Virginia to win custody of a child in divorce proceedings. Not long after, however, he was crushed by a package of compressed cardboard at work. He had a near death experience that he describes as “leaving his body, zooming through the universe, and meeting God.” When he returned to his body, he refused medical treatment and instead decided to heal on his own.


Ian McCormack

jellyfishSource: cbn.com

Ian was stung by a box jellyfish while diving off the island of Mauritius. By the time help arrived, he had been clinically dead for nearly 20 minutes. He later described seeing an image of his mom kneeling and praying for him. After that, he was transported to a dark place where voices were screaming at him that he was in hell. Finally, he was transported upwards towards a bright light that he recognized as God. Since then, Ian has spoken about his ordeal on several shows.


Hung Hsiu-ch'uan

Taiping RebellionSource: dartmouth.edu

A Chinese peasant, Hung fell into a delirium for forty days and nearly wasted away. When he awoke, he became convinced that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ and that his mission was to overthrow the present rulers of China. He eventually gathered a large following and started a civil war. To this day, it is one of the bloodiest uprisings in history (Taiping Rebellion).

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