25 Amazing Near Death Experiences You’ll Want To Believe Are True

We’ve all wondered what death feels like. Do you just fall asleep? Do you leave your body before your heart stops? While most people don’t come back to the land of the living, there are a select few that have skirted the edges, and these are their stories. So get ready for 25 Amazing Near Death Experiences You’ll Want To Believe Are True!


Ben Breedlove

Ben BreedloveSource: cnn.com

Ben was a youtuber in Austin, Texas who suffered from a heart condition. He began posting flashcard videos detailing his numerous near death experiences ever since childhood. In one of his videos, he mentioned his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, who eventually saw the video. Kid Cudi said he broke down when he saw it because life was so unfair. Shortly thereafter, Ben died of a heart attack.



soldiersSource: history.com

According to Plato, Er was a soldier who had fallen in battle. When help arrived after 10 days, the other soldiers’ bodies had already started decaying. Er, however, seemed relatively normal. When he was taken home and placed on the funeral pyre, he awoke and began teaching people about what he had learned on the “other side.”


Steven B. Ridenhour

drugsSource: near-death.com

Steven had a near death experience when he was a teenager in Virginia. Along with his friend, he almost drowned in a local river. For the next several years, he tried drug after drug in order to recapture the euphoric experience. He eventually realized that he had been heading down the wrong path and decided to study nursing in order to give back to society.


Alice Morrison-Mays

violinSource: near-death.com

Alice almost died at a hospital in New Orleans shortly after giving birth in 1952. Several years later, she had another near death experience that led her to make major changes in her life. Although she was now wheelchair bound, she took up music and became an inspiration to other handicapped people.


Dr. Mary Neal

kayakSource: drmaryneal.com

When her kayak flipped, Dr. Neal was trapped underneath. She had a near death drowning experience where she claims to have seen God, Jesus, and the angels. In her book, “To Heaven And Back,” she describes how God told her that her 9 year old son Willie would die and her family would need her. Dr. Neal was eventually revived by rescuers. 10 years later, her son was killed by a driver who was texting behind the wheel.


If you think this story is strange, wait until you see number 6!

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