25 Amazingly Creative Uses For WD-40

Invented in 1953 in San Diego, California, WD-40 is a very popular penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. Owned and used by about 80% of American households, this iconic handyman’s helper is most commonly applied to squeaky hinges, but people have come up with hundreds (some sources even say 2,000) different, creative uses for WD-40. We would really love to show you all of them, but for obvious reasons, we’ve picked just 25 of them. Find out some of the most amazing and surprising ways this legendary lubricant can make your life easier with these 25 Amazingly Creative Uses For WD-40.


Have any silver items? Protect them from tarnishing by wiping them with a rag containing WD-40.

silverwareSource: buzzfeed.com

Prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging by applying WD-40 on it.

bathroom mirrorSource: reddit.com


WD-40 can remove crayon scrawl from walls, table surfaces, and even TV screens. Just spray it onto a sponge and wipe the crayon off.

crayonsSource: lifehacker.co.uk

To drive moisture from fishing lures, hooks and tackles, apply HD-40 on them.

fishing hooksSource: wd40.com


If your plastic garden furniture is stained and worn out, a good scrub with WD-40 will give it its old shine back immediately.

plastic garden furnitureSource: ba-bamail.com

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