25 American Cities With The Most European Flair

Europe is known for many things, as is America. Can you think of some? On the one hand, in Europe you have more socialist governments and welfare states. This has come to be known as the European Social Model. On the other hand, in the United States, you have the American Way. This has been associated with the “frontier spirit”, or the ideas of individualism, distrust of government, and a do-it-yourself mentality. Europe has an extensive and well recorded history and much of its architecture reflects that. The United States also has a long history but unfortunately Native Americans did not have a well developed writing system. Europe, as a result of its social model, puts lots of emphasis on public services. This means that cities typically have excellent public transport, people receive free or affordable health care, and education is also usually free or affordable. In the United States, capitalism dominates and the prices of all these things are usually set by the market. The differences can go on, but today we will focus on similarities. The cities in this list, in spite of being in the middle of good ole’ America all exhibit a European influence. Whether it is language, architecture, or public services (like an efficient tram or metro system), these are the 25 American cities with the most European flair!

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New York City, New York

New York City, New YorkSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Although it is quintessentially American, it has several European things going for it. Possibly the most European of those is its public transport.


San Fransisco, California

San Fransisco, CaliforniaSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Of course San Fransisco will be on this list. It is one of the few American cities that is not stereotypically zoned. This means that, much like in Europe, residences and shops are all in the same area which lends itself to a more vibrant sort of lifestyle.


Pella, Iowa

Pella, IowaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This sleepy little village will make you feel as though you are somewhere in the Netherlands with its Dutch architecture and tulip festivals.


Portland, Oregon

Portland, OregonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Being liberal, hipster, and known for its quirkiness, what Portland lacks in historical architecture it makes up for with its European mindset.


Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South CarolinaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In spite of being southern, Charleston has a lot of old world charm to it. In some ways it comes across as a small European village…small historical center, well preserved architecture, and a laid back lifestyle.

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