25 Amsterdam Facts Every Tourist Should Know

Are you planning to go to Amsterdam anytime soon? If you are then you probably will want to know some things before you board your plane. You may want to know some hotels to stay at, or where you can get the best food.

The Dutch are very nice people, and Amsterdam is rich with culture, great food, and beautiful scenery. For people who like to partake in recreational marijuana smoking, Amsterdam is the place to be. There are plenty of cafés where you can find a selection of cannabis.

So, pack your bags, hop on that plane, and read all about the 25 Amsterdam Facts Every Tourist Should Know!

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The Origins of the city


Amsterdam actually originated as a small fishing village and was discovered in the 13th century. The city has obviously grown since then and has become one of the most popular places in Europe.


The Great Big Fire


Amsterdam fell victim to a huge fire in 1421 and another one about thirty years later.  The horrifying fire burnt down more than half of the city.  


The Summer Olympics


In 1928, the Summer Olympics took place in Amsterdam. It was the first time the ceremonial flame was ignited, a tradition that continues to this day.


City Size


Amsterdam is a small city. If you’re staying in Central Amsterdam, you can walk from the train station to your hotel. It’s also quite common to get to where you’re going, by either walking, bicycle, or taking a boat.


Hostels are available


Amsterdam is an expensive city. However don’t panic there are plenty of hostels you can stay at which are reasonably priced. You might meet some other tourists that you can walk around the city with.

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