25 Ancient Torture Devices That Would Make Anyone Confess

Ancient torture devices have a way of striking fear into any heart. Today, of course, we have laws protecting people from cruel and unusual punishment, but back then, it was all fair game. Kings, Queens, tyrants, and priests all had a hand in torturing those they believed were criminals, heretics, witches, and traitors. To extract information from them, pull out a confession, or just to inflict pain, they creatively invented some demented and twisted devices to do it, making modern torture methods look pretty tame in comparison. The poor souls back in those days unlikely lasted long under such pressure, but we likely would confess whatever they wanted in a heartbeat. Here are 25 Ancient Torture Devices That Would Make Anyone Confess.

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Scold's Bridle

scolds bridleSource: http://allthatsinteresting.com/scolds-bridle

To punish their wives for gossiping, husbands in the middle ages would use the Scold’s Bridle. It involved strips of iron attached to a muzzle that was placed around the woman’s head to keep her quiet and humiliate her. Often, the victim would be brought to town to show everyone that she’d been gossiping.


Iron Chair

iron chairSource: https://www.thescarechamber.com/the-iron-chair/

A terrifying Medieval torture device, the Iron Chair invoked about as much fear looking at it as being subjected to it. Covered in hundreds of sharp spikes, the victim would be forced to sit on it. They’d then be strapped down and the torturers would light a fire underneath the chair to roast the victim.


The Rat Torture Device

rat tortureSource: http://www.medievality.com/rats.html

A cheap, easy, and effective way to torture someone in the Middle Ages was to use rats. Usually, the victim would be tied down and the torturer would place a metal box full of rats on the victim’s stomach. The rats, desperate to escape, would burrow through the victim’s stomach.


Catherine Wheel

breaking wheelSource: https://history.howstuffworks.com/10-medieval-torture-devices4.htm

Also known as the Breaking Wheel, the Catherine Wheel was a popular torture method during Medieval times. Victims would have their limbs broken and placed through the spokes of the large wheel. Then the wheel would be placed on top of a pole and their bodies would be left to burn under the hot sun and be picked at by the crows. Sometimes the wheel would have spikes mounted on it.


Coffin Torture

coffinSource: http://www.medievality.com/coffin-torture.html

Using large strips of iron, blacksmiths in the middle ages would create a hollow coffin in the shape of a person. Victims would be forced inside and hung up to die under the scorching hot sun while being eaten by animals.

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