25 Animals Responsible For Killing The Most Humans

Few words can describe the collective beauty of the animal kingdom. From the thunderous march of the buffaloes to the majestic perching of an eagle, animals have served as inspiration and delight for most of us. Their beauty is so striking that at times is easy to forget that indeed they are wild animals and we are as much in their world as they are in ours (meaning we could possibly be their next meal). Nevertheless these 25 animals responsible for killing the most humans aptly have shown us that indeed we are as much game as their next prey on the food menu. It’s a good thing we are at the top of the food chain.

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Like all the other animals on this list, a wolf’s diet does not typically consist of humans. However, up to several hundred human deaths have been attributed to wolves in any given year.



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This is another animal that rarely attacks humans, but when they do it typically occurs in Australia.



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Bulls, like horses, are not inherently human killers. However, because of farming and riding accidents, 3 people per year die in the United States. Bull riding deaths occur frequently in many other parts of the world, especially in countries where bull riding events are regularly held.


Black Widow and Brown Recluse

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Though small, spiders do have the ability to cause some serious pain and sometimes even death. In the United States alone, around 3 people die each year because of spider bites. Most of these victims are young children that fail to get immediate medical attention after being bitten.



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Bears normally try to avoid people. Nevertheless, they are very dangerous and can easily kill a human being. It’s reported that about 10 people die annually from Bear attacks.

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