25 April Fools Day Pranks That Will Cost You Your Friends

Everyone loves a good April Fools Day prank…well, unless you’re the one getting pranked. Then, it’s not as fun. Popular since the 19th century, April Fools Day is a day set aside for people to pull pranks or practical jokes on each other. Sometimes companies even get in on the fun and come up with some elaborate hoaxes, like Google’s Animal Translator BETA back in 2010. Now coming up with the perfect prank isn’t always easy, so to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of pranks you can pull on your friends and family. However, don’t say we didn’t warn you, with these 25 April Fools Day Pranks That Will Cost You Your Friends!

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A Close-Knit Friend-mily

family photo prank

Everyone has photos around their house. Usually they’re of the “Family” variety. But if you’re super close to these friends, shouldn’t you be considered apart of their family, too? Of course you should. That’s why you’re going to take a bunch of photos of yourself, cut out your head, and place them over a family member in each of their photos. Then, just wait until they notice.


Bean-Boozle Your Friends

bean boozled

Do you remember Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from Harry Potter? Of course you do. They had some of the nastiest flavors, like barf, ear wax, and boogers, to name a few. Now they’re called Bean Boozled. You’ll want to get you a pack, but make sure you remove them from their original packaging. That way no one knows they’re being “Bean-Boozled” when you offer them to friends.


Give Your Friends The "Cold" Shoulder

frozen lego

Tell your friend to “cool off” with this “cool” prank. Yeah, we used cool twice. That’s how cool it is. When left unattended at their home, grab a bunch of their things (waterproof please) and place them in water, like their toothbrush for example. Place it in the freezer and leave it to freeze. Soon…voila! An ice version of Jim’s Jell-O prank from The Office.


Can You Really Put a Label on Our Friendship?

label maker

Are you a super organized person? Is your friend? Well help them with that by using a label maker to label every…single…item in their house. Spoon? Check. Drawer? Check. Batteries? You know it. Everything. Leave nothing unlabeled. If you don’t think it’s big enough or important enough to need a label, that’s where you’re wrong, bucko! Label it!


The Angry Unicorn

Ice Cream Ice Cream Cone Dessert Food Cold Sweet

Now this one could get messy, so you’ll want to be careful where you do it. All you’ll need for this one is an ice cream cone. And yes, it HAS to be a cone for this to work properly. ProTip: You may want to use a flavor you don’t mind wasting. While enjoying your frozen treat, ask your friend if they’ve ever seen an angry unicorn. When they say “No,” take your cone and stick it on their forehead, ICE CREAM SIDE FIRST! They will get pretty upset with you and thus you have created a majestic angry unicorn.

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