25 Astonishing Socially Acceptable Behaviors From Around The World

For those of you that have done any amount of traveling, you will surely know that many behaviors, customs, and social norms that we take for granted or perform without thinking can land you in deep water elsewhere. In fact, some of the socially acceptable behaviors on this list may seem downright silly to you. That’s what most people think at first, but if you ever plan on seeing the world, you’ll definitely want to take note.

Let’s take something as simple as pointing. In the United States, you just use your index finger to indicate whatever it is that you are drawing attention to. There is a reason, however, that Disney employees are taught to not point with one finger. In some cultures, it is considered rude. Instead, the employees are taught to point with two fingers. Another thing that can cause conflict is tipping. In some cultures it is expected (United States); in some cultures it isn’t (Europe); and in some it can even be seen as rude (Japan).

So wherever you plan on traveling, just make sure to read up about the local customs and traditions. If you want a quick overview though, we’re here to help. These are 25 Astonishing Socially Acceptable Behaviors From Around The World.


Calling the police on your neighbors about petty issues rather than confronting them first

policeSource: wikitravel, Image: pixabay

In Switzerland this is the norm. Too loud past 10pm? Expect a visit from the police.


Pledging allegiance to the flag

pledgeSource: wikitravel, Image: public domain

There aren’t many developed countries outside of the United States that actively do this. In Europe, for example, this would be considered a very strange thing to do indeed (given the history of nationalistic political movements).


Leaving your baby outside in its carriage while you sip on some coffee in the cafe

strollerSource: wikitravel, Image: pixabay

Although this freaks foreigners out, apparently nobody steals babies in Denmark.


Eating vegemite

vegemiteSource: wikitravel, Image: pixabay

Only in Australia.



queueSource: wikitravel, Image: pixabay

Introduced by the northern Europeans, most of the world doesn’t do this. You just push to the front.

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