25 Awesome 3D Animated GIFs

Ever wanted to see the magic of 3D animated GIFS? We’re not talking about computer animated GIFS, either. You won’t believe your eyes when you see these amazing hand-drawn GIFS. Of course,  in the world, we’ve seen 3D images illustrated on the streets and on paper. With these works, artists display creativity, an imaginative mind, and a powerful sense of color and depth. But this time around, prepare to see something different, something complex, and something extraordinary as Dain Fagerholm use pens and markers to give a simple 2D drawing body and volume with GIF tricks and color hacks. These are 25 awesome 3D animated GIFs that will blow your mind to awesomeness!

001Source: http://daingifs.tumblr.com/
002Source: http://daingifs.tumblr.com/

003Source: http://daingifs.tumblr.com/
004Source: http://daingifs.tumblr.com/

005Source: http://daingifs.tumblr.com/

All images courtesy of Dain Fagerholm.

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