25 Awesome Acts Of Kindness To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The past few weeks have been marked by several tragic, senseless, and heart-breaking events that have shaken our faith in humanity. Within just one month, the United States of America have witnessed several shocking acts of hate aimed at different groups of people. The month of terror began on June 12 when a lone gunman killed 49 people in Orlando, Florida, just because of their different sexual orientation. Then, there were several shameful cases of police violence against African Americans, only to be followed by the tragic death of five Dallas policemen who were killed in just as barbaric and despicable retribution. While all these shocking and heart-breaking events have caused us to have heavy hearts, we at List25 want to believe that humans are better than that. To compensate for all the wrongdoings that have been recently done, we decided to compile a post that will focus on the positive parts of life. To show you that kindhearted people who help each other selflessly are still there, we created this post with 25 Awesome Acts Of Kindness To Restore Your Faith In Humanity. No matter how old, rich, brave, or famous these people were, they are all the living proof that everyone can make a positive impact on others and help make our world a better place to live.

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When the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was damaged by the tsunami in Japan in 2011, a group of more than 200 Japanese pensioners volunteered to tackle the nuclear crisis at the site. They said they wanted to perform the job and face the danger of radiation to spare the lives of the young.

japanese manSource: bbc.com, image: flickr.com

Jonas Salk, American medical researcher and virologist, discovered and developed the first successful polio vaccine. Salk could have patented the vaccine and become very rich, but he had no interest in personal profit. When asked who owned the patent to it, Salk said, "There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Jonas SalkSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

Cesar Larios, student at the Art Institute of Florida, got stuck in an elevator with an old lady when working as a mover. After some time, the lady started to have troubles standing in the elevator, so Larious dropped to all fours and acted as a human bench for her.

Cesar LariosSource and image: www.dailymail.co.uk

When Tom Crist from Calgary, Canada, won $40 million in lottery in May 2013, he did not spend a single dollar out of this enormous sum on anything for himself. Instead, he stayed true to his promise of giving it away, and he donated all $40 million to a cancer charity, in honor of his late wife, Jan, who died of lung cancer in February 2012.

Tom CristSource and image: www.calgarysun.com

When the devastating hurricane Sandy hit the US in October 2012, this store owner helped people without power charge their phones and computers for free.

storeSource and image: www.ecicomfort.com

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