25 Awesome Fantasy Universes in Literature

If there’s one great thing about reading, it’s awesome fantasy universes in literature. They fuel our imaginations, taking us to places we’ve never been before. There’s no other feeling like it. From worlds that are opposite of our own to those that are eerily similar but with a shadowy presence, fantasy universes give readers a thrill and temporary escape from reality.

With the power of imagination, audiences use the words to create their own magical images. This is why many are disappointed with their favorite book’s movie-makeover; it can never compete with their imagination. It’s never like you envisioned. From novels, to picture books, to children’s stories, here are 25 Awesome Fantasy Universes in Literature.


Middle Earth, Arda

Middle_EarthSource: http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Canon

Arda is home to Middle Earth and central to much of Tolkien’s universe. It was artfully created to leave just enough to the imagination. His books cite many details like the flora, the fauna, creatures of all kind, and even venture beyond the planet to describe the celestial bodies and activities. There are few literary examples that can compare to the Tolkien universe!


The Wizarding World

Wizarding World

Filled with seemingly “normal” things like owls, trains, books and shops, the Harry Potter universe is close enough to our own world that everything presented seems possible, but with an abundance of the supernatural and fantastic.


The Stephen King Universe

The Dark TowerSource: https://www.theringer.com/2018/9/4/17815798/stephen-king-interconnected-shared-universe-ranking-the-dark-tower

In case King’s stories weren’t terrifying enough, all of his books are connected. Each work is independent but many noticed that several villainous characters make appearances in other books, like Easter Eggs. The Dark Tower is the epicenter of the Stephen King universe and is where the curtain is pulled back on the multiverse he created.

The worlds, monsters, and systems across his books are complex and expansive. Although it dips into both sci-fi and fantasy, this universe is so incredibly twisted, in perfect Stephen King fashion, that it had to be mentioned.



The Known World

The Known World The Dark TowerSource: https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/A_Song_of_Ice_and_Fire

“The Known World” is similar to our own with islands, seas, continents and ice caps, but the author of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of books indicates his universe was intended to be completely separate and alternate from our reality. It is far different in many ways, including that the seasons are governed by magic, dragons are real, and two-headed men exist!


Amber Multiverse

Chronicles of AmberSource: https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/family:19213

Unending parallel worlds define the Amber Multiverse from Roger Zelany’s “Chronicles of Amber.” Some worlds have blue suns, others green skies. If you have the right magic in your blood, you can will things into existence around you as you travel from one world to another. The possibilities are endless.

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