25 Awesome, Gender-Neutral, Non-Electronic Toddler Toys For The Holidays

It seems as if we’re starting our kiddos on electronics and computers earlier and earlier; Our stuffed animals sing at the push of a button, most moms have an app or six for their children on their phones, and there’s even an edition of the Kindle Fire Tablet for children. While those things are well and good and lovely, it’s sometimes nice, and rather important, to have play time with toys that are powered by imagination. It’s hard though, to find a non-Character themed toy that also doesn’t require batteries, or if you’re not a parent, to know what is okay and not okay with a little one as far as electronic toys. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here to help out with your Holiday Shopping are 25 Awesome, Gender-Neutral, Non-Electronic Toddler Toys For The Holidays.

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Play Kitchen

playkitchenSource: http://jessconnell.com/ Image Source: www.Amazon.com

Play kitchens are awesome for everyone. For kids because they get to pretend to make dinner like mommy and daddy, and they’re awesome for mommy and daddy because they occupy the toddler for more than five seconds AND keep them generally in the same area. Win/win.


Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy

tubcloudSource: https://www.geekwrapped.com Image Source: www.Amazon.com

If your toddling child is one of those that really enjoys watching water being poured or dripping out of things, then this will amuse them for at least long enough for their toes to turn into raisins. Also, it only costs $10.


Robot Magnets

robotmagnetsSource & Image: www.Amazon.com (Hot Holiday List)

It’s a scientific fact that toddlers and small children love to be in the kitchen. Give them something they ARE allowed to play with in the kitchen with these robot magnets. $18, colorful, happy, and who doesn’t want to design their own robot?


Animal Planet's Big Tub Of Dinosaurs

tubodinosaursSource: https://www.geekwrapped.com Image Source: www.Amazon.com

Do we really need to explain why this is amazing? There are never enough dinosaurs!



Color and Shape Eggs

shape eggs

This is a fun toy to help your little one practice with colors and shapes while also developing those very important motor skills. It comes in a cute bag to help keep parents sane and organized as well!

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