25 Beautiful Mountain Passes You Should Make A Point To Travel Through

In purely technical terms, a pass is the highest point on the lowest possible route through a mountain range or over a ridge. In many places they are known as gaps, saddles, or cols, and since antiquity they have played hugely important roles in war, migration, and trade. Today, they are one of the best ways to experience the great mountain ranges of the world and to soak in the scenery. These are 25 beautiful mountain passes you should make a point to travel through!


Paso Internacional Los Libertadores (Chile/Argentina)

Paso Internacional Los Libertadores (Chile/Argentina)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Also known as Cristo Redentor, this pass is a major transport route between Santiago, Chile and the Argentinian city of Mendoza. Cars have been known to get stranded here in winter due to unpredictable weather.


Loveland Pass (United States)

Loveland pass (United States)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A high mountain pass in Colorado, at over 3,600 meters high, this is one of the highest passes that regularly stays open during winter.


Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)

Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)Source: wikipedia, Image: Fang Chen via Flickr

Although not technically fitting the definition of a pass (see introduction), this road is the only access that the village of Guoliang has with the outside world, so in some sense it plays a very similar role.


Furka Pass (Switzerland)

Furka Pass (Switzerland)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This pass was used as the location for the James Bond movie Goldfinger.


Trollstigen (Norway)

Trollstigen (Norway)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Thanks to a steep incline and numerous hairpin turns this pass is popular with tourists during the summer. Typically, however, busses and longer vehicles are not allowed on the road.

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