25 Before And After City Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

What’s you’re favorite city? Is it the South Floridian City of Miami or is it the hyper economic behemoth that is New York? All of these cities feature unique cultures, architecture, and overall skylines. However, it stands to reason that your favorite city was a different place all together not that long ago. Some cities have effectively managed to retain some of their historical charm while others have changed drastically by embracing a clean and modern movement. So from Tokyo to Dubai, we bring you 25 before and after city pictures that will blow your mind.

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Los Angeles, California - 1878 and now

Los Angeles

Moscow, Russia - 1896 and now



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1990´s and now

Kuala Lumpur

London, UK – End of 19th century and now



Chicago, Illinois – 1909 and now


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