25 Best Black Sand Beaches You’ll Want To Visit

Black sand beaches are exactly what they sound like…they have black sand! Usually they form in volcanic regions so some of the best black sand beaches can be found in Hawaii and Iceland. In this list, however, we’re going to go all the way from California to Italy in search of the  25 Best Black Sand Beaches You’ll Want To Visit!


Kariotahi Beach, New Zealand

Kariotahi Beach, New ZealandSource: aucklandnz.com

Rugged and windswept, this beach is used for everything from paragliding to horseback riding.


Monterrico, Guatemala

Monterrico, GuatemalaSource: tripadvisor.com

This is Guatemala’s most famous black sand beach and also one of the most visited in Central America.


Waipiʻo Beach, Hawaii

Waipiʻo Beach, HawaiiSource: best-big-island-hawaii.com

Meaning “curved water,” this valley used to be the home of Hawaii’s kings.


Reykjanes, Iceland

Reykjanes, IcelandSource: visitreykjanes.is

Part of the appeal of this black sand beach is its accessibility. It’s just outside the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.


Sao Miguel, Portugal

Sao Miguel, PortugalSource: geekyexplorer.com

Found in the Azores, this island is also known as the “Green Island.” It’s lushness provides the perfect backdrop for some incredible black sand.

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