25 Best Countries To Live In According To The Human Development Index

Used by the United Nations, HDI (Human Development Index) rates countries according to a myriad of factors that reflect life expectancy, education, income, healthcare, etc. In general, living in a country with a high HDI correlates with a high standard of living. So, these are the 25 best countries to live in according to the Human Development Index.

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With everything from Alpine peaks to (a short) Mediterranean coastline, Slovenia is the most successful nation emerging from former Yugoslavia and is one of the fastest growing new members of the EU.

HDI: .874



best countries

With heavy spending in the areas of education and research, Finland boasts one of the most qualified workforces of any country.

HDI: .879



best countries

A prominent financial center, Luxembourg was one of the founding members of the European Economic Community, the predecessor of the European Union.

HDI: .881



best countries

Caught in the middle of numerous European conflicts over the centuries, the capital of the European Union has developed into a model of western democracy.

HDI: .881



best countries

No longer the superpower it was prior to World War I, Austria still plays an important political role on the global stage and Vienna is home to numerous international organizations.

HDI: .881

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