25 Best Escape Rooms You Might Not Get Out Of

In recent years, the escape room concept has been popping up all over the world. From San Francisco to Boston and around the world, they’re more common now than ever. But, what are escape rooms? It’s a fairly simple premise. Put a handful of people into a themed room and have them solve a puzzle in 60 minutes or less. The themes of these rooms range from whodunit-crime mysteries to horror houses, but the idea remains the same – solve the puzzles, complete the goals, and escape. As of right now, their popularity isn’t slowing down. Touting their team building benefits, companies flock to them on business retreats, families go to them on vacations, and friends do it to shake things up and do something different. Curious to see which are the best around? Be warned, by the end of this, you’ll likely be thirsty to try them out yourself. Here are 25 Best Escape Rooms You Might Not Get Out Of.

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House of Hints

keySource: https://www.houseofhints.com/

Located in San Diego, this escape room boasts a number of different rooms to try out, including “High School Detention”, “The CSI Lab,” and “The Pawn Shop.” All the puzzles are in-house designed and unique.


Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game

classroomSource: https://birmingham.lockedin.com/

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, this escape room was ranked one of the best by USA Today. Their hardest room is called “The Classroom,” where you wake up in a schoolhouse to find a riddle on the chalkboard and a message implying nothing is as it seems.


Room Escape Live

escape gameSource: https://losangeles.roomescapelive.com/?lang=eng

This escape room located in Los Angeles has a number of great rooms to break out of. From a cold war bunker to Tesla’s mystery, they have a variety of historical and modern day rooms and can host up to 42 players at the same time.


Real Escape Game

pacific rimSource: https://realescapegame.com/tickets/

This popular escape room venue out of San Francisco focuses on popular movies and genres as their theme. One of their current escape games is based on the Pacific Rim franchise.


Mission: Escape Atlanta

old librarySource: http://www.missionescapeatlanta.com/

This Atlanta escape room venue has two different rooms called “The Study” and “The Hotel” that can host up to 10 people. It’s received many accolades from the likes of CNN and Business Insider.

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