25 Best Escape Rooms You Might Not Get Out Of

In recent years, the escape room concept has been popping up all over the world. From San Francisco to Boston and around the world, they’re more common now than ever. But, what are escape rooms? It’s a fairly simple premise. Put a handful of people into a themed room and have them solve a puzzle in 60 minutes or less. The themes of these rooms range from whodunit-crime mysteries to horror houses, but the idea remains the same – solve the puzzles, complete the goals, and escape. As of right now, their popularity isn’t slowing down. Touting their team building benefits, companies flock to them on business retreats, families go to them on vacations, and friends do it to shake things up and do something different. Curious to see which are the best around? Be warned, by the end of this, you’ll likely be thirsty to try them out yourself. Here are 25 Best Escape Rooms You Might Not Get Out Of.

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Palace Games

teddy rooseveltSource: https://palace-games.com/

Also located in San Francisco, this venue has four different rooms, several which are based on American History. For instance, the “Roosevelt Escape Room” is all about preparing for World War I.



Bow_part_ScorpionSource: https://trapologyboston.com/

Out on the East Coast, this escape room is considered Boston’s most challenging. With four rooms, “The Drunk Tank” and “Crush Depth” prove to be their most insane. They became particularly notable for teaming up with Chris Evans to make a pop-up escape room and surprising the guests.


The Basement

basementSource: https://thebasementla.com/

This slightly terrifying escape room has several rooms to try to break out of, but “The Basement” is the most difficult and notable. With only a 12.5% success rate, you likely will struggle to get out of this room.



skullSource: https://www.enchambered.com/

A venue based out of Sacramento, they offer three immersive escape rooms to enjoy, or dread, depending on which you choose. From “Skull Witch” to “Containment Breach,” you’ll feel like you’re fighting for your life in these challenging rooms.


Austin Panic Room

oval officeSource: https://texaspanicroom.com/austin/

Located in Austin, Texas, this venue’s “Oval Office” is less an escape room and more about saving the country before time runs out. They do, of course, have several other escape rooms, like “Prison Break,” a fully immersive prison experience and their hardest escape room.

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