25 Best Ice Breakers To Warm Any Event

The best parties need the best ice breakers—especially if your party is full of introverts. But with so many ice breaking games out there, how do you find the ones that are truly fun? Decisions, decisions. Don’t worry, here at List25, we’ve taken the time to search the internet for some of the best games to get your party started. Just think about it, you’ll be the best host ever. People will be talking about your party for generations to come! It will go down in history as one of the most entertaining events of the century!… Ok maybe not, but we do have some really cool icebreakers for you. So if you’re looking for ideas to get your party started, check out these 25 best icebreakers to warm any event.


Who's Shoe Is It?

ShoesSource: http://www.partycurrent.com

For this game, you’re going to send your guest on a shoe hunt. Begin with asking guests to take off one of their shoes preferably as they arrive at your party. Gather the shoes into a pile. Now hand everyone a shoe that isn’t their own and send them off to find the owner of their “new” shoe. Once the shoe adventurer finds the other shoe and its owner, ask them to learn something interesting about each other. Everyone then feeds back about their new friend.


Imagine I’m…

Index CardsSource: http://www.partycurrent.com/icebreaker-games-for-small-groups.html

For this icebreaker, start off by numbering a set of 40 index cards, adding the name of an object or animal on each blank side.

Shuffle the deck, then nominate a person to take a card (with the number side up).

Without showing anyone, the nominated person will tell a story about their “life” as the object on the card, but can’t say what it is.

Everyone else has to guess.

Whoever gets the most guesses right wins.


A What?

perplexedSource: https://icebreakerideas.com/best-icebreaker-games-adults/

To get this game started you are first going to gather items with names that have only one syllable. You need as many items as you have people. Some good items are fork, spoon, pen, shoe, ball, etc.

Have your guests form a circle.

Choose one person as the leader.

The leader chooses one of the objects – let us say a ball – and hands it to the person to their right saying, “This is a ball.”
The conversation continues moving from person to person as follows:
Person #2 – “A what?”
Leader – “A ball.”
Person #2 – “Oh, a ball!”
Then Person #2 passes the ball to person #3 and the same conversation occurs again.

Meanwhile, the leader takes another object and begins passing it, saying the same thing, for example, “This is bread.”
The leader continues to take new objects and pass them and the objects make their way around the circle with the same conversation repeated by all players as they pass and take an object. If a player messes up, they are out of the game. You can pass items around the circle more than once.


Scavenger Hunt

ScavengerhuntSource: https://icebreakerideas.com/best-icebreaker-games-adults/

For this party starter, you’re going to send your guests on a wild quest to find a set of items (of your choosing)!

Start by creating a list of 12 to 15 interesting places, things, and circumstances that players can capture in pictures wherever you are. For example, if you’re in an apartment complex you might as for things like:
• A group photo within the tennis court (or any court)
• A very relaxing place
• Something big and purple (Purple car maybe?)
• A big tree
• A cute pet
• Seven things with the letter “m”

Make copies for each team. Divide the group into teams of three or four people and let the groups use their phones to take the pictures. The goal of this game is to find everything on the list within a set amount of time. When teams get back together, award one point for each photo taken and bonus points for extra effort or creativity.


Secret Identity

foreheadSource: http://www.partycurrent.com/icebreaker-games-for-small-groups.html

Everyone gets the name of a famous person taped to their foreheads and works the room, asking Yes/No questions to learn who they are. They are only allowed to ask each person one question before moving on.

The player who can guess who they are with the least number of questions is the winner.

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