25 Best Magic Tricks

Whether you’re trapped in an elevator, stuck at a party, or want to impress your friends, it’s always a good idea to know at least one magic trick. The good news is you don’t have to buy expensive kits to make it happen. All you really need is a few household items, determination, and a whole lot of practice. Of course, you won’t become David Blaine overnight, but here is a great place to start with some basics. Thankfully, many of these tricks are pretty easy to learn. In fact, we bet you’ll be able to learn them in a snap. Are you ready to say abracadabra? Here are 25 Best Magic Tricks.

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Disappearing Coin

coinSource: http://www.kidspot.com.au/things-to-do/activity-articles/disappearing-coin-magic-trick/news-story/6e2bbe3da5456e82dfdaaac68df06488?

While sitting, take a coin and place it on the table. Sweep your hand over the coin and slide it toward yourself. Just as it falls off the table and into your lap, make it look like you scooped it up with your hand. Keep your hand closed and then blow on it before opening it back up to reveal the coin disappeared.


Dollar Bill Trick

dollar billSource: https://www.themaven.net/kidsactivities/kidsactivities/magic-trick-secret-how-to-get-paper-clips-to-attach-KcmqPwOhaUWGj1i3N_tk4A?full=1

Take a dollar bill and fold it into three equal parts, accordion-style. Take two paper clips and attach the top fold to the middle fold with one of the clips. Next, flip it over and attach that top fold to the middle. The paperclips should be on the left and right side of the dollar bill. Grab each end of the dollar bill and pull it out. The friction should bring the paperclips together and cause them to become interlinked and jump off the bill.


Levitating Card

levitating cardSource: https://www.thespruce.com/easy-magic-trick-floating-card-4019907

You’ll need a playing card, thin black string, a drinking straw, tape, and scissors to make this work. First, cut the length of the straw down so you can tape it on the back of the card without the straw hanging over the sides of the card. Cut a foot or more of the thin black string, thread it through the straw, and tie each end around your thumbs. To make it look like the card levitates, pull your thumbs slowly apart from each other.


Straw Through a Bottle Cap

bottlecapSource: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Do-Awesome-Magic-Trick-With-a-Straw-and-Bot/

You need two bottlecaps and a straw to make this work. First, hammer a hole through the middle of one of the bottle caps. Make the hole just wide enough so the straw grips firmly and isn’t loose. Slide the straw through the hole until the bottlecap is halfway. In one hand, conceal the cap on the straw. Take the other bottle cap into your other hand, and grip it with your index, middle, and thumb fingers. With one smooth motion, thrust the straw down in-between those fingers to knock the bottle cap down into your palm to make it look like the straw drilled through the cap. It’ll take a careful sleight of hand to make it work seamlessly.


Crayon Trick

crayonSource: https://www.realsimple.com/work-life/entertainment/crafts-hobbies/easy-magic-tricks#crayon-magic-trick

This one is for kids. Turn your back to your child with your hands behind your back and ask them to place a crayon of their choice in your hand. Face them with your hands still behind your back and scrape a little of the crayon under your fingernail. Then, wave your hand in front of their face saying, “I’m reading your mind.” Then, tell them the color by looking at the scraping under your nail.

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