25 Best Magic Tricks

Whether you’re trapped in an elevator, stuck at a party, or want to impress your friends, it’s always a good idea to know at least one magic trick. The good news is you don’t have to buy expensive kits to make it happen. All you really need is a few household items, determination, and a whole lot of practice. Of course, you won’t become David Blaine overnight, but here is a great place to start with some basics. Thankfully, many of these tricks are pretty easy to learn. In fact, we bet you’ll be able to learn them in a snap. Are you ready to say abracadabra? Here are 25 Best Magic Tricks.

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Coin Through Glass

coin in glassSource: http://rebelmagic.com/coin-through-glass-cup/

This trick requires sleight of hand. Taking a small clear glass and a coin, place the coin down on the palm of your right hand and hold the glass in your left. Touch the bottom of the glass down on the coin and close your hand. Do that one more time and misdirect with the glass, showing there’s no second coin. In the meantime, with your hand closed, slide the coin down to your fingertips and when you open it one more time, quickly slap the glass down on the palm of your hand and rock the coin up and into the glass. The quick movement should be enough to make it look like it went right through the glass. This one will take a bit more practice than the others to master.


Bend a Spoon

spoonSource: https://blog.udemy.com/easy-magic-tricks-for-kids/

This trick is all about how you hold it with your hand. Hold the spoon with both hands around the handle. Place the bowl of the spoon down on the table and press it down allowing the handle to run across your hand until it reaches your palm. To your audience, this will look like you’re bending the spoon.


Pen Vanish

penSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3979956/Ta-da-Three-magic-tricks-require-Sharpie-learned-just-two-minutes.html

All this requires is a pen and sleight of hand. Hold the pen between your first finger, middle finger, and thumb. Use the middle finger to pull it back behind your hand and flip it back with your thumb. Use your other hand for distraction. The placement of your hands and how smooth you can flip the pen will determine how realistic it looks.


Floating Ring Trick

floating ringSource: https://www.thespruce.com/easy-magic-trick-levitate-finger-ring-2267013

You can do this trick with a pencil, a ring, some thin thread, and tape. With the pencil eraser side up, attach the thin string around the top of the pencil with the tape and attach the other side to a button on your shirt. Holding the pencil with your right hand close to you, drop the ring down over the top. Pulling your hand away from your body, the ring will rise up because of the tension on the thread. To create misdirection, use your other hand and wave it around as if you’re using some kind of special power.


Vanishing Water Trick

vanishing waterSource: https://www.thespruce.com/science-magic-trick-vanishing-water-2268198

You’ll need three non-transparent plastic cups, water, and sodium polyacrylate. You can get sodium polyacrylate at a hardware store. Fill one cup with barely a spoonful of the sodium polyacrylate and leave the other two empty. Taking the water, fill up the cup with the sodium polyacrylate but don’t fill the others. Then, swap around the cups for a while, but make it easy for the audience to know which one you put water in. Once done swapping, ask the audience which one had the water. When they answer correctly, tip the cup upside down. Nothing should come out, making it look like the water vanished.

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