25 Best Video Games That Changed Everything

Presenting a new list: 25 Best Video Games That Changed Everything! Video games have come quite a long way since the early ’70s, haven’t they? Adding to the changes are the genres that have sprung up. So, which one of these games revolutionized the industry?

Every game aspires to be held in close regard with the icons of gaming. Needless to say, every game wants to be revered as on the most influential games of all time. With countless games to choose from, it was difficult to dwindle the list down to only 25 items.

“So what video games are the most influential?” I hear you asking. Well, let me take you on a journey through gaming’s history. Here are the 25 Best Video Games That Changed Everything.

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Pong Arcade cabinethttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pong

It’s important remember where you came from and video games largely came from Pong. It’s simple game design and fun game play started the evolution of video gaming. While it didn’t popularize gaming like we know it today it attracted people video games.


Pac Man

Pac Man chasing ghosthttp://whatculture.com/gaming/20-video-games-that-changed-gaming-forever

Pac Man introduced something that we’ve come to know quite well since its release. The idea of a game mascot or even a title character for that matter. Most games at the time didn’t care who you were playing as, and they didn’t even have names. Without Pac Man, we wouldn’t have Sonic, Mario, and so many more.


Space Invaders

invaders from space invadersAuthor Knowledge

When Space Invaders burst into arcades, it quickly became a hit. The game expanded an interesting element of gameplay: the music. Its soundtrack was revolutionary. Before Space Invaders came along, gaming music was limited in production value. Not only did Space Invaders have continuous music, but the music changed as the game progressed. Its groundbreaking use of music during gameplay paved the way to a new era of gaming.


Sim City

Sims City GameAuthor Knowledge

Not everyone enjoys doing resource management in video games, but for players who love to take on a crazy amount of responsibilities like Civilization and Banished, we have Sim City to thank. While it wasn’t the first, Sim City came up with with the mechanics and set down the foundation for resource management games to come.



Great platformerhttps://blog.proto.io/10-landmark-video-games-changed-industry-forever/

In an era of gaming were AAA games were king, gaming had become a little stale. Then Braid was released. It was a small platformer that allowed you to rewind time and it featured a somber soundtrack. Braid was the definitive experience for indie gamers. Not surprsingly, it paved the way for a stylized and artsy genre to surface.

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