25 Best Video Games Where Your Choices Matter

The best video games can take you on a spellbinding journey through a cleverly written and well thought out story, but the line between video game and drawn out movie is thin. Many games avoid this by giving you minor choices, making it feel like you have control over your destiny. As we know, most choices we make in games have minimal importance over the course of the game. The games on this list, however, double down on the idea of choose your own adventure. Here are 25 Best Video Games Where Your Choices Matter.


Telltale’s The Walking Dead

the walking dead

Let’s start off this list with the game that brought the genre back into the mainstream. While not the first of its kind, “The Walking Dead” introduced a new generation of gamers to the idea of making big choices in games. While we know now that our choices didn’t matter much, people playing the game at the time could never be sure how much their decisions would change things.

We’ll never forget having to choose which character would live and which one would die within the first few hours of the game.


Westerado: Double Barreled

westeradoSource: https://newdayreview.com/2016/11/27/sunday-replay-westerado-double-barreled-is-a-game-about-choice/

This game sets you on a mission of vengeance across the wild west as you hunt down the man who murdered your family and set fire to your home. “Westerado” randomly generates the man who killed your family; it could anyone and it’s all up to you to make the right choices to track him down.

Threaten the wrong person, and they might not give up vital clues that could lead to the killer. Do certain quests, and it could lock away other paths and leave clues unfound. Westerado makes anything you do have consequences and, with the random nature of the game, it makes every play-through different from the last.


The Stanley Parable

stanley parable

You find yourself alone at work with no direction other than the voice of a narrator. Do you do as the narrator says or do you purposely go against what it says? This game is all about whether you actually have a choice in narrative stories or not.

Making strange and questionable choices in the game will result in strange and odd situations, making this game a must play for those who enjoy the art of narrative.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


“Shattered Memories” is a re-imagining of the first “Silent Hill” game, filled with the normal exploration of Silent Hill itself as well as running for your life from monsters. It’s divided into two separate parts. There’s the aforementioned exploration, but also a set of therapy sessions determining your own psych profile.

It’s in these therapy sessions where the game determines what type of play-style your playing, then it’ll change the game accordingly. Based on your answers, during these sessions, the rest of the game will alter certain aspects of its world to reflect your answers.



TyrannySource: https://www.pcgamer.com/some-of-tyrannys-biggest-decisions-are-in-its-first-10-minutes/

Ever want to be the bad guy in the video game? Well, “Tyranny” gives you the chance to be the merciless blood-lusting murderer ever gamer wishes they could be.

Throughout its main story, you make a number of important decisions. Most of Tyranny’s biggest choices come from its Conquest mode at the beginning of the game. Conquest acts as a prologue to the main game and it has you making monumental choices that you get to see the effects of later in the game.

Most of the games choices have to do with the overarching conflict between the game’s two major factions and which one you’ll favor throughout the story.

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