25 Betrayals That Changed The Course Of History

Many battles and wars that shaped the history of the world were concluded not only from the efforts of leaders and heroes but by spies as well. Numerous espionage and spy-hunting efforts were launched to gain information and secure victories, which many times proved successful. Because of intelligence brought by agents and double-crossers, many lives were saved or lost and history was shaped. Here are 25 betrayals that changed the course of history.

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Revenge is Sweet (Francisco Pizarro)

Revenge is Sweet (Francisco Pizarro)listas.20minutos.es

Pizarro held hostage Emperor Atahualpa after defeating an army with a limited number of men. He asked for gold and silver as ransom, but he strangled Atahualpa to death. In turn, Pizarro was executed by a son of his former military officer, Diego de Almagro, on grounds of his father not being recognized or rewarded for his efforts to win victories for Pizarro.


Satellite Spy (Christopher John Boyce)

Satellite Spy (Christopher John Boyce)bowiesongs.wordpress.com

Boyce made himself some money along with his childhood friend, Andrew Daulton Lee, by selling information on spy satellites and other official documents to the Soviet Union. After being arrested in 1977, Boyce escaped in 1980 and started robbing banks. After being captured again he was officially released in 2002 on parole.


One of the Most Famous Traitors (Judas Iscariot)

One of the Most Famous Traitors (Judas Iscariot)www.handgemalt24.de

For an amount of 30 silver, Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve apostles, betrayed Christ by kissing him on the cheek to let the authorities know of his identity. His act led to Jesus’s death by crucifixion which made him the most notorious traitor in history.


Patriot and Betrayer (Simon Bolivar)

Patriot and Betrayer (Simon Bolivar)thefamous-people.blogspot.com

Bolivar, a military and political leader, is considered the betrayer of one of the greatest patriots of Venezuela, Francisco de Miranda . Simon Bolivar turned de Miranda over to Spain on questionable grounds of treason and some say it was only to get a Spanish passport. Francisco died in prison several years later.


La Malinche (Doña Marina)

La Malinche (Dona Marina)eltemplodelasculturas.com

Arguably the most reviled women in the Hispanic world, Doña Marina is known as the traitor who betrayed her people to the Spanish conquistadors. A former slave and translator-mistress of Hernando Cortes, New Spain’s (known today as Mexico) conqueror, Doña Marina played an important role in changing the course of history with her ability to translate Nahuatl (Aztec language) to the Mayan language (which can be understood by Cortes’ translator). It is said that the linguistic link between Dona Marina and Cortes’ Spanish translator proved crucial for Cortes to conquer the New World.

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