25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History

Have you ever wondered what the biggest game show scandals in history were? At one point, even Congress got involved in order to prevent cheating and scandals in the TV industry! Whether it’s beating the system to win money or the game shows just trying to get viewers, these are 25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History!

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Deal or No Deal

iphoneSource: cnn.com

In 2008, Michael and Michele Hardin brought a case against the game show to the Georgia Supreme Court. They claimed that since the show violated anti-gambling laws, they should get back the money they had spent on text messages. (You can send texts to the show for a chance to win.)


Disney vs Celador

who wants to be a millionaireSource: cbsnews.com

In 2010, a federal court awarded Celador (the company that created Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) $270 million. Why? Because apparently Disney was hiding the fact that they were making quite a bit of money off the show because they didn’t want to pay the royalties.


Terry Kniess

the price is rightSource: telegraph.co.uk

When Terry guessed the exact price of a showcase of items ($23,743), Drew Carey was really surprised. It was the first time in 38 years that anybody had gotten the price exactly on the money. Following the show, there were number of conspiracy theories but no shady business was ever proven. Apparently Terry is a really good guesser.


John Cooper

bulls eyeSource: bbc.com

An active serial killer, John appeared on the TV show Bullseye in the middle of one of his killing sprees. The footage from the show actually helped put him behind bars.


Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

moneySource: foxnews.com

In 2000, Fox released its new TV show about 50 women competing to marry an unseen multi-millionaire. Eventually, Darva Conger won and was married to mystery man Rick Rockwell. The show was quickly decried as misogynistic and demeaning to women. The controversy didn’t end there though. Rick was soon exposed to actually be quite poor and living in a run down house. He had changed his last name and apparently even had a restraining order against him by his previous girlfriend. Needless to say, Darva promptly filed for divorce.

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