25 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make At A Job Interview

It’s something that almost all of us are going to have to go through at one point or another. Job interviews are a fact of life. We need money so we need to work (at least most of us do). To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 biggest mistakes you can make at a job interview.

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Ask what job you’re interviewing for

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This sounds obvious, but it can happen, especially when you’re running between interviews. A better way to structure this question would be to ask what a typical work day looks like.


Say negative things about yourself

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Only do this if you can explain how you will change them


Ask about the drug test

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Unless you are doing it to find out about its effect on your credit (it shouldn’t have any effect)


Chew gum

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If you really need to do this out of nervousness, make sure to ask/tell your interviewer why you are doing it before you actually do it. That way you at least won’t look as disrespectful. It’s better just to avoid this though.


Bring your kids

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Or your parents. Just don’t.

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