25 Biggest Things Ever Stolen

Theft is wrong, morally. It’s one of the basic tenants of being a “good” person – don’t take things that don’t belong to you. It’s also disturbingly common. While some theft is petty, like shoplifting a fancy lipstick, and some is for survival like stealing food, a lot of it is just bad people taking instead of earning. That said, it’s still sometimes really…impressive…both the ability to steal large objects and the determination of those who dare to. Here are 25 Biggest Things Ever Stolen.

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The World's Largest Egg Hat

eggsSource: http://metro.co.uk

The World’s Largest Egg Hat containing over 1,000 eggs (yes, it’s a thing) was stolen in Germany while its owner, one Greg De Silva was there on Holiday. Mr. De Silva ended up in the hospital for heat stroke, and when he went back to retrieve his hat after being released, it was gone. It’s a shame, it was truly an eggtraordinary headpiece.


Inflatable Kong

gorillaSource: http://www.mysanantonio.com/

In early 2017, a large, inflatable Kong (holding a car above his head) was stolen from a Texas car dealership. The thing was 12 ft tall and cost around 10 grand. First of all, why? Second of all, giant inflatable things cost HOW MUCH?


WWII Mustang Fighter Plane

FighterPlaneWWIISource: http://www.smashinglists.com/

In 1992, an Israeli Air Force Reservist named Major Ishmael Yitzhaki told a museum that their WWII Mustang fighter plane needed a new coat of paint. Being the trusting sort, the museum said, “Sure, that sounds great!” and Yitzhaki wheeled it out the of the museum, flew it – flew the WWII fighter plane – to Sweden where he sold it (for over $300,000).


Bathroom Condom Machine

Condom_machineSource: https://news.google.com/

In 1994, a man in Waterford, Michigan stole an entire condom machine from the bathroom in a pub. He literally just carried it out of the pub, which considering the size of those things, is both awkward and impressive.


Buddhist Monastery Bell Ball

RyoanJi-KaneSource: http://uberhavoc.com

In 2005, the ball from the inside of a Buddhist monastery bell was stolen in Washington State. The thieves were caught trying to sell the 3,000 pound piece for scrap metal.

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