25 Bizarre Alternate Versions Of Superman You Won’t Believe Exist

Today we’re presenting 25 Bizarre Alternate Versions Of Superman You Won’t Believe Exist. Superman is one of the most popular and beloved superheroes in pop culture history.

Love or hate him, his mainstream influence is undeniable.  And you can trace it in many ways. Cartoonists, comic writers and film producers recreate and repackage his image all the time. However, sometimes they overdo it. To the point where the original character gets lost in the new version.

Here follow 25 Bizarre Alternate Versions Of Superman You Won’t Believe Exist. Which one is your favorite?

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Superman of the 30th Century


This Superman comes from the future and is the distant descendant of the original Superman. His real name is Klar Ken T-5477, and he’s a reporter for the Daily Interplanetary News. DIN is located in, you guessed it, Metropolis. Some things never change after all. 

A big difference between this Superman and his ancestor is that he is immune to Kryptonite. However, he’s vulnerable to seawater, due to radioactive fallout that settled into the oceans of various planets after a nuclear war.


Tarzan Superman

tarzan supermanhttps://www.comics.org/series/16447/

Forget all you know about Tarzan and Superman. In Sons of the Jungle, you will be introduced to the weirdest comic story there is. Instead of landing in Kansas, the alien baby ends up in the jungle.

He is raised by gorillas, while the real Tarzan is never lost by his clumsy parents and grows up to be a classy Englishman named Lord Greystoke. It’s quite a fun story if you like twisted endings and alternative tales.


The Gay Superman


While visually distinct and with a different name, Apollo is cast in the mold of the Superman archetype. A very unusual one to be honest. Apollo was genetically enhanced to be a solar-powered defender and a member of the superhero team The Authority.

He’s openly gay, and is married to his superhero partner Midnighter. Guess what? Midnighter’s a version of Batman in this alternate universe


The Black Superman (Who's also a President)


Calvin Ellis a.k.a. the “Black Superman,” first appeared in Final Crisis #7 and was inspired by Barack Obama. He’s an African American version of Superman, who’s also the President of the United States. The first black president in the history of the United States for that matter. 


High Chancellor Superman


In the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman has conquered the planet. However, Metropolis has been destroyed and Lois Lane is dead. As a result of this tragedy, Superman’s determined to wipe out crime for good.

Ironically, he’s the one who becomes a mass murderer. In order to eliminate crime on Earth, he kills anyone in his path who will try to stop him.

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