25 Bizarre Cuisines People Actually Enjoy Eating

Would you eat a fried cricket smothered in special seasonings and sauces? How about a fried tarantula? Most people in the Western world would probably say “no”. But what if we were tell you that these two dishes are popular dishes in certain countries. And get this, some say that they are actually quite tasty! That’s not easy to wrap your mind around (at least not for us), but that’s just two of the 25 most bizarre cuisines on this list. Are you a food aficionado? See if you can brave some of these crazy dishes. We’re talking about foods our taste palates are completely foreign to! Some of these might make you laugh, others might make you cry, and then there are those that will leave you wondering about people, the world, and life. They say “don’t knock it until you try it”, but we’re going to be a bit rebellious on this one. How about you? If your friend were to say to you, “here try this______” would you do it? We hope not! These are 25 bizarre cuisines people actually enjoy eating.

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SannakjiImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Sannakji is the ultimate food dare for risk takers wandering through Korea. This delicacy consists of wriggling pieces of live baby octopus drizzled with sesame oil. After minimal preparation, it is served immediately and yep, in case you’ve wondered, there have been people who have choked to death from it.


Pig’s Blood

Pig BloodImage: en.wikipedia.org

In Hungary, when a pig is slaughtered the blood is fried with onions and served for breakfast on warm fresh bread.


Mongolian Boodog

Mongolian BoodogImage: en.wikipedia.org

This bizarre Mongolian dish is made with either a marmot or a goat, cooked in its own skin with hot stones in its stomach.


Millennium Egg

Millenium eggImage: en.wikipedia.org

The entry title might be misleading as these eggs are not that old. Nevertheless, the so-called thousand-year-old egg from China is still made by preserving eggs in a mixture of ash, salt, quicklime, rice husks, and clay for several weeks or even months. As you can probably imagine, the dish’s stench is quite potent.



KiviakImage: en.wikipedia.org

Kiviak is a traditional wintertime Inuit food from Greenland that is made of auks (a type of bird) preserved in the hollowed-out body of a seal for seven months. The bird ferments during this time, after which they are eaten for birthdays and weddings.

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