25 Bizarre Films Based On Creepy Urban Legends

Throughout the centuries myths and folktales have enjoyed immense popularity in society and although the phrase “urban legend” is synonymous in most people’s minds with “false belief,” the term actually indicates a more complex social phenomenon related to the production and transmission of folk narratives—narratives which are indeed usually false, but which can also, on rare occasions, prove to be true.

So what is an urban legend after all? A fictional story of a sick and sneaky mind, or the exception that proves the rule? Some directors have tried to answer these questions for us, sometimes with great success, but unfortunately in most cases they only succeeded to contribute more “B movies” to the film industry. See what we mean with these films that are based on creepy urban legends.

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The Bunny Man is an urban legend that most likely originated from two incidents in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the early seventies and since then has spread all over the United States. There are as many variations to this urban legend as there types of coffee but each one of them involve a crazed big man wearing a bunny suit who attacks people with an axe. The exact same legend is known in the United Kingdom as “The Bunnyman Massacre,” where there have been similar variations of the story in England and Scotland. I guess you’ve probably noticed by now that I haven’t mentioned anything about the film yet, right? Yep, it was THAT bad!


Campfire Tales


This film was so bad it was good after all and trust us, it doesn’t include one or two but a bunch of all-time classic urban legends. A group of teenagers end up being in the darkest, scariest woods you could ever imagine after a car accident and they decide to have some fun by telling the creepiest, scariest urban legends they had ever heard during their lifetimes. However, when you talk about monsters, psychopaths, and ghosts, you end up getting chased by them or at least that was the trend back in the nineties when it came to such films.


Dead Man on Campus


Dead Man on Campus is a comedy film from the nineties that was based on one of the most popular and ridiculous urban legends that went around in many American college campuses during that time, which suggested that when something truly horrible (such as a death or suicide) happened close to the end of the semester, every student that was involved in the event would automatically pass all their classes… Bull crap of the highest degree, both the film and the urban legend.


When a Stranger Calls


Let’s say that if this urban legend were a book, it would be somewhat equivalent to the Bible since this legend exists in so many countries (slightly different versions in some cases) and it should be translated into 150 different languages. As for the story? A mother, grandmother, or babysitter, depending on the version or country of origin, is home alone at night after she puts the kids to sleep. Then all of a sudden the phone starts ringing and when she picks up, an unknown and creepy voice urges her to check on the children. The terrorized woman eventually calls the police for help who tell her that they traced the call and they found out that it’s coming from inside the house. As for what happens next? Just watch the movie!


Bloody Mary


The only reason this film is on this list is the plain fact that its plot is based on one of the most famous urban legends in the world: Bloody Mary. This creepy story haunted so many kids (including me) at some point in our childhood and made us wonder (in absolute terror) what would really happen if we dared to look into a mirror in a dark room and chant “Bloody Mary” three times. According to legend, the ghost of a dead girl will appear to you and it won’t be pleasant. Is it true? Probably not but I never tried or was willing to try when I was younger or even now. As for the film? If you ever get a chance to watch it you will probably agree that such an epic and popular urban legend deserves something better than this crap.

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