25 Bizarre Ocean Phenomena You Won’t Believe Are Real

Despite advances in technology, we still have so much to learn about the ocean and all of its mysteries. Curious about what some of those ocean mysteries are? From lost civilizations to strange noises and bizarre creatures, there’s so much out there to discover and to learn. Here are 25 Bizarre Ocean Phenomena You Won’t Believe Are Real.

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The Lost City of Atlantis

LOWER_LEVEL_AQUARIUM,_ATLANTIS_HOTEL,_NASSAUSource: http://www.history.com/topics/atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis is about as famous of an ocean myth as anyone could get, but would you believe that some scientists think this island existed? Originally written down by Plato, Atlantis is believed to be the Minoan civilization, a highly advanced early civilization that was devastated by a volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini.


White Sea Foam

sea foamSource: http://www.marineinsight.com

Looking like a lather someone could use for shaving, sea foam stands as a common head-scratcher for people walking along the beach. The culprit behind white sea foam appears to be single-celled alga that takes on a powdery substance. Mixed with the ocean, it creates a foam that washes ashore.


USS Scorpion Disappearance

Uss_scorpion_SSN589Source: http://www.historynet.com

In 1968, the USS Scorpion was a skipjack nuclear sub that mysteriously disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the mysteries surrounding it, many theories and conspiracy theories have bubbled up from a soviet attack, a malfunctioning trash unit, or an exploding torpedo causing a fire in the sub.


Beached Whales

Beached_sperm_whale,_NorfolkSource: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Also called “Cetacean stranding,” the beached whales’ phenomenon baffles scientists to this day. Occurring when whales get too close to the shore, the moment they’re stranded on land, it’s near impossible to get them back in the ocean, leading to dehydration. Of course, scientists have a bunch of theories including sonar messing with their echolocation.


Red Tide

La-Jolla-Red-Tide.780Source: http://oceanservice.noaa.gov

If red tide sounds menacing, ominous, and dangerous, that’s because it is. It’s created by colonies of algae that grow out of control and produce a harmful toxin that kills sea life and can be incredibly harmful to humans. To make matters worse, the algae bloom can make the surrounding air dangerous to breathe as well.

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