25 Bizarre Things Found In Flags From Around The World

The national flag is one of the most important and respected symbols of a country. Usually, the motif depicted on the flag refers to the country´s history or culture. While most of national flags contain various geometrical figures, colors and common symbols, there are flags with surprisingly bizarre things on them. From a naked man beheading another man to machetes and assault rifles, check out these 25 bizarre things found in flags from around the world.

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When it comes to national flags bearing weapons, nothing compares to that of Mozambique. Symbolizing the country´s defense and vigilance, the national flag of Mozambique is “decorated” with an AK-47 assault rifle. The open book symbolizes the importance of education and the hoe represents the country’s agriculture.




It’s generally known that the dragon is a very important symbol in many Asian countries but Bhutan is one of few that has designed their national flag with the creature. The dragon depicted on the flag is Druk, the legendary Bhutanese thunder dragon holding a jewel called norbu. The yellow part signifies the country´s civil tradition while the red half represents the Buddhist spiritualism.




On the national flag of Swaziland, you’ll find a black and white shield (showing that people of various colors can live together) and two spears. The three blue objects are feathers of the widowbird and the lourie. Having the highest importance, the symbol of the feathers can only be used by the country´s king.




What may look like a shining tennis ball is actually the sun crossed by two sets of three lines, a stylized representation of the crown of the traditional Kyrgyz portable dwelling structure called yurt. There are 40 identical rays placed around the sun that – according to a popular legend – signifies 40 Kyrgyz tribes unified against the Mongols by the epic hero Manas.




While most national flags contain a moderate amount of symbols and figures, the design of Belize´s national flag is very complex. The center of the flag features mestizo and black woodcutters armed with cutting tools and surrounded by 50 mahogany leaves, referring to the logging industry which has been a major industrial sector of the country.

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