25 Black Mirror Easter Eggs You’ll Want To Know About!

Introducing a list from the near future: 25 Black Mirror Easter Eggs You’ll Want To Know About. Taking up a TV show isn’t an easy decision. You don’t want to waste your time on something you may end up hating.

Furthermore, if the show is a sci-fi one. You will either love or hate science fiction. There are no in-between situations with this genre.

Black Mirror, however, is the kind of show that you will most likely love. It’s extremely witty and brilliantly disturbing. The plots stimulate the mind and keep you thinking long after you’ve watched each episode.

Every storyline highlights our relationship with modern technology and how it can be dangerous at times. Yep, you heard that right. For all its undeniable advantages, technology can hurt you if you allow it.

Before we reveal too much though, here follow 25 Black Mirror Easter Eggs You’ll Want To Know About before watching the show.

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The paparazzi scuffle


You will notice the same headline in two different episodes. You can clearly see “Geraint Fitch cleared of wrongdoing following paparazzi scuffle” on UKN channel of both “The Waldo Moment” and “The National Anthem.”


The ads of Waldo and Abi Khan


In “The Waldo Moment” episode we get a chance to see a fancy place ala Times Square, with several billboard ads. Look a little closer at the billboards. There’s an Abi Khan’s ad (from “Fifteen Million Merits”) right next to Waldo’s ad! 


Prime Minister and the pig


In the very first episode of the series titled “The National Anthem,” we witness Prime Minister Callow having sex with a pig. Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds really. The man’s forced to do it in order to save the life of someone. 

In season 4 the “romance” reappears. In “Black Museum” we see a newsreel that declares the marriage of the politician to the pig. Is this the weirdest Easter egg ever or what?


Online dating in Black Mirror


Elena (the front desk girl of the company) uses an in-universe dating app In “USS Callister.” Nothing wrong or weird with that. The thing is that she uses the same dating app from “Hang the DJ.” 


Larkange vs Arkangel


In “Crocodile,” Shazia stops at a petrol station to search for Noni on her phone. As she’s tracking her down, we see that Noni’s work address includes the word Larkange. This is an anagram of “Arkangel,” the title of the second episode in season 4.

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