25 Breathtaking Overview Aerial Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Inspired by the “Overview Effect” – a sensation that astronauts experience when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth from space – the breathtaking, high definition satellite photographs found in the book, Overview: A New Perspective by Benjamin Grant offer a new and stunning way to look at our world. On this list you will see a sample of some of the most incredible satellite photos from the overview project: patterns and colors you would have never guessed were even possible. Check out these 25 breathtaking Overview aerial photos that will blow your mind!

PS: If you want to see the full incredible collection by Benjamin Grant, be sure to buy his book: Overview: A New Perspective.


Nishinoshima Volcanic Acitivity | South of Tokyo, Japan

NISHINOSHIMA VOLCANIC ACTIVITY Source and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

Nishinoshima is a volcanic island located 940 km (584 mi) south of Tokyo, Japan. Starting in November 2013, the volcano began to erupt and continued to do so until August 2015. Over the course of the eruption, the area of the island grew in size from 0.06 sq km (0.02 sq mi) to 2.3 sq km (0.89 sq mi).


Southern California Logistics Airport Graveyard | Victorville, California, USA

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LOGISTICS AIRPORT GRAVEYARD Source and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

The Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California, USA contains an aircraft boneyard with more than 150 retired planes. Because the demand for jumbo jets has dropped significantly in the last two decades in favor of smaller, more affordable twin-engine planes, many large aircrafts such as Boeing 747s and Airbus A380s have been retired. The dry conditions in Victorville – located on the edge of the Mojave Desert – limits the corrosion of metal, meaning planes can be stored here for years while they are stripped for spare parts.


The Empty Quarter | Saudi Arabia (shown)

THE EMPTY QUARTER Source and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

Rub’ al Khali, or The Empty Quarter, is the largest sand desert in the world. It covers 650,000 sq km (251,000 sq mi), and includes parts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. In the centre of the desert there are a number of raised, hardened formations that were once the sites of shallow lakes, thousands of years ago. For a sense of scale, this Overview shows approximately 350 sq km (135 sq mi) in Saudi Arabia, near the border with Oman.


Central Park | New York City, New York, USA

CENTRAL PARKSource and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

Central Park in New York City, USA spans 341 ha (843 ac), which is 6% of the island of Manhattan. One of the most influential innovations in the park’s design was its ‘separate circulation systems’ for pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, and cars. The park contains numerous tennis courts and baseball fields, an ice-skating rink, and a swimming pool. It also serves as the finish line for the New York City Marathon and New York City Triathlon.


Tulips | Lisse, Netherlands

TULIPSSource and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

Every year, tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands begin to bloom in March and are in peak bloom by late April. The Dutch produce a total of 4.3 billion tulip bulbs each year, of which 53% (2.3 billion) is grown into cut flowers. Of these, 1.3 billion are sold in the Netherlands as cut flowers and the remainder is exported: 630 million bulbs to Europe and 370 million elsewhere.

All images are copyrighted by ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe and are used here with permission. You can find the full collection in the book Overview: A New Perspective by Benjamin Grant.

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