25 Camping Horror Stories That’ll Make You Appreciate Hotels

We all have our own camping horror stories. From losing valuable materials to struggling to construct a tent, camping isn’t always easy. Still, people love to go camping. And, I guess it’s easy to see why. You’re outside in nature, away from all the hustle and bustle and stresses of normal, everyday life.

It can be very relaxing for your body and mind. But, let’s face it, being isolated out in the wilderness can be extremely dangerous. Since you’re often miles from the closest hospital or completely without cellphone service, you do put your life at risk.

On top of safety issues, you have to deal with exposure to the elements, deadly wild animals, and, perhaps worst of all, other humans with less than noble intentions. So, with that said, pack up your gear, here are 25 camping horror stories that’ll make you appreciate hotels, and maybe even encourage you to rethink your plans for your next family vacation to the great outdoors.

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Two Eyes

camping bathroomhttps://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/8j1cnv/serious_campers_of_reddit_what_is_the/

When one camper went to relieve themselves by a tree deep in the forest, the last thing they suspected was a company. Imagine their surprise when, in the peripherals of their vision, they spotted two big brown eyes watching them from the underbrush. Somehow a rogue cow had found its way deep into the forest and decided to pay the camper a visit in the most embarrassing of moments.


A Terrible Feeling

camping cougarhttps://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/8j1cnv/serious_campers_of_reddit_what_is_the/

A husband and wife were camping together when the wife got a terrible feeling that they weren’t alone. She told her husband and the two searched their camp and the surrounding area thoroughly, only to come up empty-handed. The feeling never left though, and every once in a while the couple swore they heard the sound of footsteps or the snapping of branches just out of their sight.

Things only got more suspicious when the sun went down. The sound of something big moving around their campsite became undeniable. Footsteps, low growls, and other strange noises were heard all throughout the night, and in the morning the two found huge feline-like footprints nearly 8 inches across, all around their tent and campfire ring.

Once they returned home, a quick call to a park ranger confirmed their fears; they were being stalked by a fully grown mountain lion for their entire camping trip.


Knocked Down Trees

camping tornadohttps://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5eofvk/serious_campers_of_reddit_what_is_the_creepiest/

When some friends went camping in a remote location, the last thing they expected to find when they woke up in the morning was all the trees behind their campsite knocked to the ground. Unsure of what else could have caused such a thing, the group looked up the weather in the local area only to discover a freak tornado popped up, less than 100 feet from where they were sleeping in their tents.


Relentless Bear

camping blackbearhttps://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5eofvk/serious_campers_of_reddit_what_is_the_creepiest/

Any encounter with a bear is extremely dangerous and, although they usually prefer to mind their own business, it’s never a good idea to get too close or risk upsetting one. This is why one man was so shaken when he found a fully grown black bear running wild through his camp in Saskatchewan.

The bear left him alone after he managed to scare it off by shouting. However, only a few minutes had passed before he turned around in surprise to find the same bear, now merely inches away, back into the camp behind him. What followed was an intense staredown between a man and beast that probably felt like forever, despite only lasting about 20 seconds.

Luckily, the bear decided to leave the man be and ran off back into the surrounding woods. He still wasn’t gone for good, though. The man had to routinely wake up every half hour or so to scare the animal away from his campsite for the rest of the night.


Earth Rumbling

camping watagan mountainshttps://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/50en0z/campers_or_rangers_of_reddit_whats_the_most/

A large group of nearly 30 people were camping under some breathtaking sandstone cliffs in the Watagan Mountains of New South Wales when they woke to a horrible rumbling that shook the earth for a solid 20 seconds before stopping suddenly. After making sure nobody was injured, the campers grabbed their flashlights and set out to find what caused the sound.

It didn’t take long. Not 100 meters from where the campers were sleeping, they found a massive boulder the size of five school buses which had broken off at the top of the cliff and slid down the mountainside, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. If it had broken off just a little bit closer, there would have been nothing the campers could have done to avoid being crushed by the enormous stone.

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