25 Poorly Designed Cars

It’s easy to appreciate a great looking car. By contrast, a poorly designed car is like an enigma of a wasted space, energy, and time. It’s even worse when you see these objects of dissatisfaction rolling down a highway, imposing their atrociousness upon the sight of society! Beware of these 25 Poorly Designed Cars.

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1957 Trabant


The 1957 Trabant is a car designed for a future world where everyone is no more than 5 feet tall. Not really, but the car looks like it. There is nothing about this car that is remotely appealing. Its grill even looks sad! I’m also fairly certain its the car choice for serial killers. The vehicle was also known to be loud, slow, poorly designed, badly built, inhospitable to drive, uncomfortable, confusing, and inconvenient.


1950 Nash Airflyte

Nash Airflyteauto.howstuffworks.com

The 1950 Nash Airflyte is a failed attempt at an aerodynamic-looking car. It’s almost like the designer made a caricature of a real car and decided to create a car from that image. I can’t help but wonder if the person who gave the go ahead was drunk or being blackmailed.


1982 Aston Martin Lagonda


With a disproportionately long nose, the Lagonda is an affront to modernism. If Pinocchio had a car, this would probably be it. Many talked about the car’s unreliability as well as numerous accidents that were caused by it. It’s safe to say that this car is one of the worst cars of all time. I don’t think this is the Aston Martin made popular in numerous rap songs.


1956 Tatra 603


The Tatra 603 looks like it belongs in the sea. Maybe it’s inspired by some sort of freaky deep sea manta ray or maybe even a sucker fish. Whatever sea creature it may resemble, one thing is for sure, it failed at resembling an attractive car. It’s no wonder vehicles from Tatra made the list twice for the most poorly designed cars….talk about bad luck!


1949 Crosley Hotshot

Crosley Hotshotwww.vaultcars.com

The 1949 Crosley Hotshot was conceived by Powel Crosley Jr, who was into making radios and kitchen appliances. This may explain why the hotshot looks more like a cross between an old toaster oven and a tube radio. Most Crosley vehicles were 61 cubic inches and weighed in between 500 to 640 kilograms in body weight. 

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