25 Celebrities Who Died Tragic Deaths

We tend to put celebrities on a pedestal. Maybe because of their talents, good looks, or charming personalities; we idolize them. They bring us joy which is why it’s so hard when they die. For some, famous people dying is almost like a death in the family. They take it really hard and mourn the loss. But, it’s even worse when the death is under tragic and awful circumstances. Well, grab a kleenex, it’s going to get sad. Here are 25 celebrities who died tragic deaths.

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Sylvia Plath

Sylvia_PlathSource: https://www.theguardian.com/books/1993/feb/16/biography.sylviaplath

Famous American poet Slyvia Plath suffered from depression most of her adult life. After her husband left her, she wrote The Bell Jar during one of the worst depressions of her life and then put her head in an oven, committing suicide.


John Denver

john denverSource: http://articles.latimes.com/1998/jun/23/news/mn-62708

Famous folk singer John Denver died in a plane crash on October 12th, 1998. He was flying his own airplane and low fuel and certain modifications to it were determined to be reasons for the crash.


Gwili Andre

gwili andreSource: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/person/4054%7C64300/Gwili-Andre/

Coming to Hollywood in the 1930’s, beautiful Danish actress Gwili Andre had big expectations and at first, they were equally met, putting her in several big pictures. However, after the failure of No Other Woman, the studio put her in lesser supporting roles. She struggled to make a comeback but met failure at every turn. Emotionally distraught, she turned to alcohol. On the night of her death, she surrounded herself with clippings of publicity photographs which represented the career she wanted but never achieved. She then lit them ablaze and was consumed by the fire.


Bob Crane

bob craneSource: http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/14/entertainment/bob-crane-murder/index.html

Hogan’s Heroes star Bob Crane was found bludgeoned to death in 1978. To date, they haven’t been able to find the murderer despite DNA testing. After his murder, shocking revelations came out about his personal life including making personal pornographic videos and pictures with women.


Ernest Hemingway

hemingwaySource: http://www.todayinliterature.com/stories.asp?Event_Date=7/2/1961

Famous author Ernest Hemingway woke the morning of July 2nd, 1961, went to his firearm collection, took a double barrel shotgun out and placed it against his forehead. He then pulled the trigger. He had been a long sufferer of depression.

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