25 Celebrities Who Nearly Died And Few Know About It

Check out the latest list: 25 Celebrities Who Nearly Died And Few Know About It! Death comes for everyone at some point in our short lives. It’s something we can’t escape from. And the same goes for the the rich and famous of this world too.

Sure, they have the money to delay their fateful meeting with death, but that’s not always the case. On more than one occasion, celebrities have found themselves face to face with the Grim Reaper. Some of them died way before their time. 

Some of them were a little luckier. They almost died and returned from the other world to describe their near-death experience. Here follows a list of 25 Celebrities Who Nearly Died And Few Know About It. 


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Tracy Morgan


In 2014, a driver of a Walmart truck slammed into Tracy Morgan’s limo van. As a result, he severely injured the “30 Rock” star and killed one of Morgan’s comedy writers, James McNair.

Morgan sustained brain trauma, a broken leg and broken ribs in the accident and spent over a month in the hospital.


George Clooney


George Clooney loves riding scooters in Italy as he has admitted before. This, however, could have been fatal for the Hollywood megastar. 

During the summer of 2018, Clooney had a scooter accident that could have easily killed him. According to the local reports, a car cut him off and they collided. Clooney “jumped” 20 feet in the air from the impact of the collision and flew over the car that he hit. He was lucky enough to walk away with just scrapes and bruises this time. 


Owen Wilson


In 2007, Owen Wilson came close to taking his own life. He was covered in blood and in a state of confusion when he was discovered by his brother Luke Wilson.

He had tried to take his life at the age of 38 by overdosing on pills while simultaneously slitting his wrist. 


Ozzy Osbourne


The legendary singer came close to death a few times – mainly from overdose – during his lifetime. However, in 2003 he came the closest in an ATV accident. Plus, he was sober when it happened!

Osbourne suffered a broken collarbone, eight fractured ribs that pinched several blood vessels, and a damaged vertebrae in his neck. He said, “The bloody thing nearly killed me. I am lucky to be here today and not dead or paralyzed.”


Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio survived a shark attack back in 2006. The famous actor revealed his terrifying story during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014. 

During an underwater expedition in Cape Town, the actor was feeding a great white through a shark cage. A big wave flipped the cage though and the shark landed with half its body inside.

Leo flattened down at the bottom of the cage, while the big shark kept trying to take a bite of him. 

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