25 Celebrity Deaths We Still Can’t Believe Are True

Some celebrities are so beloved we wished they’d never gone away. Their entertainment pulled us away from reality and gave us a restful escape. Providing a unique outlet, their talents helped us tap into something we didn’t know existed. Whether through laughter, song, or an incredible performance; these celebrities showed us not only what it is to be human, but also inspired us to be better. Here are 25 Celebrity Deaths We Still Can’t Believe Are True.

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Alan Rickman

alan rickmanSource: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/12099543/Alan-rickman-dead-at-69-latest.html

Beloved for his many villainous roles such as Severus Snape, Hans Gruber, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, Alan Rickman was an exceptional actor with an uncanny ability to make us hate him on screen and love him off screen. He died at age 69 after a short battle with cancer.


Christopher Lee

Christopher_LeeSource: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/11666316/christopher-lee-dies-live.html, https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/christopher-lee-lord-of-the-rings-star-meet-jrr-tolkien-2015116/

Another actor renowned for his villainous roles was Christopher Lee. Perhaps most widely known as Saruman the White in the Lord of the Rings movies, Lee had a long career of playing the bad guy. In his life, he was knighted by the Queen of England, met J.R.R. Tolkien, and even led a heavy metal band in his old age. He died at the age of 93 from respiratory problems and heart failure.


Christopher Reeve

c reeveSource: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001659/bio

Christopher Reeve had a great start to his acting career, being accepted into the prestigious Julliard School. Later, he charmed us with his positive and dashing portrayal as Superman, and for many, the two names will forever be synonymous with each other. Paralyzed after a horse racing accident, he died at the age of 52 from heart failure.


Chris Farley

chris farleySource: https://www.biography.com/people/chris-farley-9542500

Chris Farley had a great talent for making our sides hurt from laughter. Creating unforgettable characters like the motivational speaker Matt Foley or Tommy Callahan in Tommy Boy, Farley’s talent for comedy was without question. He tragically died of an overdose in 1997. To this day, we all wonder where he would have gone next in his career.


Patrick Swayze

Patrick_SwayzeSource: https://www.biography.com/people/patrick-swayze-9542318

Golden-globe winning and beloved actor Patrick Swayze was a bit of a heartthrob in the 80’s and 90’s, having starring roles in Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, and Ghost. Though his career dwindled as time went on, we will never forgot the magic he brought to the screen. He was taken from us too soon when he died of pancreatic cancer in 2009.

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