25 Cheap Date Night Ideas That Are Actually Good!

Looking for a way to spend some time with your significant other? Reconnect and rekindle? Get away from the day to day? Date nights are important, whether you’ve been together two weeks or married for 40 years. It’s so easy to slip into the mundane and forget how incredible our other half can be. The cost of a “typical” date night doesn’t make things any easier, especially if you have to hire a babysitter. Well, never fear! Today I have some amazing ideas for you, and they won’t break the bank! In fact, there are some here that will cost you nothing. Are you ready to have some fun with that special someone? Check out these 25 Cheap Date Night Ideas That Are Actually Good!


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Have a picnic in your living room or backyard

picnic basket

Don’t have a good place close by for a picnic? Can’t find a babysitter? Why not pack a picnic for your backyard or living room? Don’t just head up leftovers and take them to your patio; legit pack a picnic. Sandwiches, cold salads, cheeses, fruits…lay out a blanket. It’s fun, breaks you out of the normal routine, and won’t empty your wallet.


Go window shopping

window shopping

This is a great way to have some one-on-one time with your love. While you’re out, you can sip a latte and get some exercise in. Talk about life; tell funny stories; share how your week is going; laugh at the things people buy; plan what you’ll do with the lotto money; simply hold hands.

The cost? Gas money to your nearest shopping area & maybe $10 at your local coffee shop.

Pro tip: Go after lunch or dinner so your tummy is full and you won’t be stuck needing to buy food out.


Take a walk

couple taking a walk

This follows the same principle as above, just take away the shopping plaza. If you live near a nature preserve, lake, or park, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy fresh scenery. You could also just simply walk around your neighborhood.


Go on a real picnic in the park

couple on picnic

If getting out of the house is a huge priority, kick it old school and take your picnic to a park. Still budget friendly, still romantic and fun (Just keep the glass wine bottle at home).


Go hiking

couple hiking

You may not know this, but chances are where ever you live, there’s a trail. Take advantage of this public amenity and take a hike with your special someone! It’s good physical activity somewhere in between a walk and a high-intensity sport, too, so you get quality time and a good work out.

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